Turn ideas, work requests, and action items from Slack into trackable tasks and comments in Kitesuite.

What is Slack?

Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need. By bringing people together to work as one unified team, Slack transforms the way organizations communicate.

Why Kitesuite + Slack?

With the Slack + KiteSuite integration, teams can seamlessly transform Slack conversations and ideas into actionable tasks projects within KiteSuite. Receive instant updates and collaborate effectively among your project teams.

Create a new task, assign it to yourself or a teammate, and add it to an existing project

See Kitesuite data like tasks, milestones, projects, portfolios, and more

Comment on a task
Mark a task complete
List all tasks in your workspace or organization
Receive updates on task creation, completion, or comments

How to connect Slack + Kitesuite?

Step 01

Log in to your Kitesuite account.

Step 02

From your Kitesuite account navigate to the top right corner.

Click on the "Profile icon." Refer to the screenshot.
Step 03

In the profile pop-up menu, select "Integrations."

Find the screenshot for reference.
integration options
Step 04

Select "Slack" from integration options, as shown in the screenshot .

Step 05

Initiate the integration by clicking on the "Add to Slack" button, to link your Slack account with Kitesuite.

Initiate the integration
Step 06

If not already logged in, select your Slack account from the top right corner. Or create a new account if required.

Step 07

Review the permission request and grant access by clicking the "Allow" button.

This step establishes the integration between Kitesuite and Slack.
After successful setup
Step 08

After successful setup, choose the appropriate "Slack channel" and "Kitesuite project."

Click "Add" to establish the connection.
Step 09

You will receive a welcome message in your Slack channel after successfully linking your Slack channel with Kitesuite project.

Screenshot for more detail.
Visit the Integration
Step 10

Visit the Integration for slack page to view a list of all integrations with Slack.

You can manage, delete, or change your Slack account settings as required.

How KiteSuite Works With Slack

Step 01
Convert your Slack communication into item/tickets in Kite: Right-click on the message to create a task in kitesuite from the Slack Chat.
Step 02
Alternatively, press the “/” (forward slash) key to open the create item window.
Step 03
After initiating the task creation process, a task pop-up window will appear.
Fill all the required details for the task within the designated fields. This Include Workspace name selection, Project selection, Summary, description, Item type, Assignee, due date, and priority. After adding all the information click on the "Submit" button to successfully create the task. Screenshot for more detail.
Step 04
After submitting the form, you will see a successful task created message with the created task name.
Now, you can close the form to continue creating more tasks from Slack. Screenshot for more detail.
Step 05
To check the created task go back to your Kitesuite account project and you will see the created task in your Sprint backlog screen.
Step 06
Clicking on the task/ticket you can see all the details related to the task, as per the screenshot.
Step 07
Users will receive notifications in the Slack channel when a new task is assigned to them in the Kitesuite project integrated with Slack.
Note: The bot send notifications from Slack related to task create, update, and comments in KiteSuite.

Troubleshooting Slack Integration

If you encounter issues with the Slack integration, such as Channel Visibility Issues, consider the following troubleshooting tips:

Sync New Channels:

Any new channels you may join or create in Slack can take around 5 minutes to sync. Please wait, no need to logout and re-login for new channels to appear.

Ensure that Slack Channel is Not Deleted:

Verify that the Slack channel you are looking for has not been deleted.

Join the Channel:

Make sure you have joined the Slack channel you are trying to access.

For further assistance, please visit