Discover key project reports with KiteSuite

KiteSuite automatically create reports on how the team is progressing through workflow so that you can easily monitor what are the project's constraint and risks to stay on deadlines and deliver on time.

Work Management, Project Report
Illuminate your team's workflow
Reports effectively convey comprehensive insight and provide you details about the overall health of your project and project members’ performance. It will help you to make informed decisions and optimize your project’s success.
Capture relevant data
Efficiently capture and analyze your team’s performance output, evaluating individual and team responsibilities and performance. Keep your organization’s process documents updated as your team progresses through each stage of development.
Be Organized and Stay on Track

Choose your path to success with KiteSuite, and simplify the progress flow with the estimate to stay always on track. Meticulously get insight and predict your project delivery throughout the development progress.

Select a report Type

Each project type provides you with relevant reports whether it is Scrum, Kanban, or business. KiteSuite ensures that project managers and stakeholders have the accurate information to navigate and succeed in their unique project environments.

Transparent communication and decision-making

kite_time_estimate, Project Report

Time Estimate

To stay ahead of your project deadline KiteSuite provides you with a Gantt chart, Burndown & Burnup, detailed time, and dependency reports so that you can access all the relevant data when required.

Team performance

Each report will keep updated in real-time on your team's accomplishments so that you can stay updated with possible threats and opportunities. By meticulously organizing constraints and addressing them will enhance your project's performance to ensure timely project delivery.

Earn value

Know the financial health of your project with KiteSuite's analysis reports. You are not just tracking expenses; also maximizing value, making informed decisions, and steering your project toward financial success.

Estimate vs actual

Evaluate your project's performance to generating value for every dollar spent. KiteSuite provides valuable insights, facilitating a swift value analysis. This ensures that you can consistently provide solutions every day, on time, and with precision.

Project Report
kite_sprint_velocity, Project Report

Sprint velocity

Know your team's capacity how much project work can be delivered in the selected sprint and how to proceed in the future. Better understand your team's gain valuable insights into their performance.