Easy share with KiteSuite

Connect your favourite software with KiteSuite, whether it is Figma, Slack, Github, or else, and enjoy your a seamless information access and sharing experience. Save your time not only switching between different apps but also ensuring that your project information flows across every aspect of your project with KiteSuite.

use docs with KiteSuite

Say goodbye To traditional docs and use docs with KiteSuite


Integrate KiteSuite with your favorite software and save your time switching between different applications to easily access all your project info in one place.


Get started with our default template or create a custom one, KiteSuite provides you with an in-built docs library so that you can start working right away without worrying about document formats.


With KiteSuite, you can simply enable or disable document settings whether to show author, contributors, title, subtitle, or other information.


KiteSuite will help you to create documents in a format that ensures your readers have a comprehensive understanding of each of your shared messages.

use docs with KiteSuite

Uncover new ways to use docs with KiteSuite

Create a custom template that suits your unique project and development requirements. You can design a personalized doc with a cover image, and icons, select text, and write your comments to have a clear and shared understanding within your team. While sharing the document within and outside your team you can manage different access levels to provide required access permissions, ensuring that everyone has the right level of access without any inconvenience

More than just a doc


KiteSuite’s, auto-save feature makes it easy to prevent data loss, enhancing your work efficiency so that you can embrace increased productivity and real-time collaboration.


Easy access all your project documents, whether related to your project or organization’s processes, and stay organized with KiteSuite’s secure and centralized storage feature.

Version Control

KiteSuite provides easy access to all your historical information, preventing errors and managing conflicts when working with a centralized or globally distributed team.


Feeling overwhelmed by a heap of files, but these are part of your OPAs, KiteSuite can organize your dashboard. Archive unnecessary docs for future use to have easy access.

Live Update

Multiple people are working on a document, no worries With KiteSuite’s live update all the change will reflect instantaneously so that you can enjoy effective collaboration within your team.

Oversee your team’s contributions in each document to stay well-informed and maintain transparency among project members, whether are part of your project team or management.