Build great products, sprint by sprint

KiteSuite is your dedicated companion to making your project management journey both enjoyable and effective. We are here to assist you in meticulously creating and maintaining your sprint progress, providing you with all the tools to control your project management journey. With each sprint, our aim is to consistently deliver substantial value.

Effectively manage your adaptive and
predictive projects with KiteSuite

Sprint Planning

Once you have all the requirements handy and the backlog mature, start prioritizing features/user stories for the sprints. KiteSuite, our interactive software, will help you identify and communicate all the project’s constraints early in the development phase. This enables you to set accurate expectations and stay focused on delivering value with each sprint.

Sprint Execution

KiteSuite empowers you to create custom stages in each sprint tailored to your unique project, fostering team engagement and adaptability. Within each sprint, easily review all available tasks and apply various tags such as priority level, assignment, type, etc., to manage task dependencies. With this approach, you and your team can seamlessly progress tasks through different stages

Sprint Review

Now, it’s time to verify the deliverables. KiteSuite help you diligently maintain your entire work history, allowing you to easily review team progress. Once your sprint work is completed, you can efficiently create a release, enabling you to track each sprint task at your convenience for future reference.

Sprint Retrospective

Reflecting on one’s own work is essential for effective planning and management. After completing a sprint, you’ll be able to identify variances and pinpoint areas, including processes, that require improvement. KiteSuite honest insight reports offer a precise walkthrough, guiding you on what is needed to enhance your work as you progress from one sprint to another.


KiteSuite empowers you to effortlessly create and interlink sprints, offering the complete flexibility and control needed to manage your projects effectively. Simultaneously, multiple sprints can be created, and if you have the opportunity to schedule crashing, you can initiate multiple sprints concurrently. This allows you to keep track of every aspect, enhancing your ability to manage and control your project's work efficiently

Sprint Progress

Monitoring sprint progress is a crucial aspect of the project journey, and our software ensures effective sprint progress throughout your product development life cycle. Our interactive platform empowers your team to stay on course, achieve sprint goals, and deliver value. With up-to-date data reports and visible updates, we provide graphical charts to swiftly and efficiently control and manage your work