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No sooner than you indulge with our innovative yet professional project management software, it will give you complete control, provide real-time insights and data visualization to drive better decision-making and project success.

Key features of KiteSuite dynamic dashboards


Unlock the power of KiteSuite to stay in tune with your project's journey. Monitor completed and upcoming sprints, and stay updated on overall progress. This helps you remain focused on your project's goals, proactively addressing issues for successful and timely deliverables.


KiteSuite offers a comprehensive KiteSuite dynamic dashboards, providing the flexibility to efficiently manage your project work. Enjoy an overview based on priority and category, monitor daily additions and completions, and easily track each member's assigned and completed work.

KiteSuite dynamic dashboards

Bird's-Eye View

KiteSuite dashboards provide a comprehensive snapshot of your project's progress, overall health, and status. Effortlessly track tasks, deadlines, and milestones to keep your team on track to ensure smooth project delivery.


Visualize your project priority

With KiteSuite you can easily measure your project's overall progress at a glance. Use of bar chart will give you a quick assessment of total work in comparison to completed tasks. To provide you with clear insights into your project's advancement.

KiteSuite dynamic dashboards
KiteSuite dynamic dashboards

Visualize your project tasks

It will give you a graphic representation of the project's tasks view, organized by custom task types you create for your unique project. Categories like 'Work in Progress,' 'Project Planning,' 'Quality Analysis,' and more.

Begin your comprehensive and streamlined project
journey by exploring KiteSuite features

Interactive Data Visualization

Effortlessly analyze your project’s trajectory to spot variances with a single glance. KiteSuite empowers you with unparalleled insights to maintain a competitive edge by providing real-time data, allowing you to check performance and manage trends over time.

Real-Time Updates

KiteSuite interactive dashboard keeps you in sync with your project’s progress, offering live updates to stay on the same page. The dashboard instantly reflects your team’s progress and provides real-time information for an accurate and up-to-date understanding of your project status.

Project Report

KiteSuite interactive dashboard provides quick insights into variances in cost, time, and schedule. It keeps you updated on the team’s progress and offers a brief understanding of newly added items and the team’s velocity/progress every day.